Diver-Held Imaging System Modeling

  • D. Folds
  • B. Johnson
  • B. Kamgar-Parsi
Part of the Acoustical Imaging book series (ACIM, volume 23)


Diver-held ultrasonic imaging is currently in the experimental development stage. Experiments are being carried out under controlled conditions to test various components and to evaluate critical parameters. The system is intended primarily for identifying explosive ordnance on the sea bottom where optical viewing is often impractical due to suspended materials stirred up by wave action or diver presence near the bottom. The objective is to provide a 3 MHZ pulse-echo system having range and cross-range resolution of 1.0 cm at a distance of 3 meters with a conical field of view of 20 degrees. This translates to beamwidths near 0.2 degrees and pulse lengths near 2 cm.


Multiple Reflection Single Beam Sidelobe Level Lens Design Bottom Reflectivity 
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  • D. Folds
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  • B. Johnson
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  • B. Kamgar-Parsi
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  1. 1.Ultra-Acoustics, Inc.WoodstockUSA
  2. 2.Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology DivisionIndian HeadIndia
  3. 3.Naval Research LaboratoryIndia

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