Abdominal Wall Hernias

pp 101-106

The Space of Bogros and the Interparietoperitoneal Spaces

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Since Vesalius,1 research in human anatomy, whether applied or fundamental, has had the objective of enhancing medical knowledge. Historically, surgeons have been the main petitioners for that knowledge. For several decades, investigators with a particular technique of morphological investigation have pressed for accurate anatomical awareness, often in areas that coincided with their interests. Too often has it been said that all aspects of anatomy have been described. Nothing is further from the truth. As soon as a new surgical technique appears or a new tool of morphological investigation is designed, our level of understanding appears suddenly deficient.

The human mind is such that it truly seeks only that of which it has an immediate need. Ambroise Paré has stated, “The arts are not so accomplished that nothing may be added.”2