Planning Approach for Dimensioning of Automated Traffic Areas at Seaport Container Terminals

  • Michael Ranau
Part of the Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series book series (ORCS, volume 49)


In this article the quayside activities and layout of a modern container terminal are contemplated. The investigation particularly includes a comparison of two different automated operations systems regarding their space requirements: on the one hand, the AGV system which is in use at the Container Terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg and on the other hand, the automated SC system field tested at the Container Terminal on Fishermans Island in Brisbane. Both alternatives are used in combination with semi-automated cranes at quay wall and rail-mounted ASCs within the yard area. Main analysis objects are the quay wall with the container cranes as well as the traffic area between these cranes and the container yard. In addition, the operational functions of both systems and the dimensioning of their quayside traffic areas are illustrated.


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