The Linde-Hampson Cryocooling Process

  • Ben-Zion Maytal
  • John M. Pfotenhauer
Part of the International Cryogenics Monograph Series book series (ICMS)


This chapter is entirely devoted to the traditional Linde-Hampson cryocooling process that employs pure gases at elevated pressures, which are practically at least twice the critical pressure. In terms of the perspective of cryocoolers provided in Sect. 1.2, the interchanger of a Linde-Hampson system is the recuperator, whose cold stream capacity rate, \( {{\dot{C}}_H} \), is lower than that of the hot stream, \( {{\dot{C}}_H} \). Hence, the pinch point occurs at the warm end of the recuperator. The present chapter also discusses the Linde-Hampson liquefier, which was the original target of the inventors.1,2,3,4 The notation of thermodynamic states along the cycle, 1-2-3-4-5-1, is consistent with that of the unified model of cryocoolers in Fig. 1.2.


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