Impact Experiments to Validate Material Models for Kevlar KM2 Composite Laminates

  • Tusit WeerasooriyaEmail author
  • C. Allan Gunnarsson
  • Paul Moy
Conference paper
Part of the Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series book series (CPSEMS)


Blunt impact experiments were conducted on single and multi-layered Kevlar KM2 (Style 706) fabric at various velocities. To complement previous experiments with multi-ply fabric layers without resins, multi-ply laminates were fabricated from single or multiple plies of Kevlar fabric hot-pressed with a blended polyolefin (PO) resin consisting primarily of low molecular weight polyethylene to form a relatively rigid panel while maintaining a high fiber volume. During impact, full-field, back surface displacements were obtained using digital image correlation (DIC) technique using a pair of high-speed digital cameras configured stereoscopically. This allowed the full-field measurement of the fabric panel in three dimensions. These experimental results are to be used to evaluate different types of fabric and composite laminate models and simulation methodologies that are in literature. In this paper, experimental measurements are presented.


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  • C. Allan Gunnarsson
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  • Paul Moy
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  1. 1.Army Research LaboratoryWeapons and Materials Research DirectorateAberdeenUSA

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