Candidate Theories to Explain the Anomalous Spectroscopic Signatures of Atomic H in Molecular H2 Crystals

  • Kaden Richard Alan Hazzard
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Quantum solids, where the zero point motion of the atoms is greater than roughly 10% of their separation, form a fascinating class of materials. A principal question with these materials is to what extent they are quantum coherent, and under what conditions they can be supersolid—supporting dissipationless mass flow. Examples of quantum solids include 4He, solid hydrogen, Wigner crystals, and atomic hydrogen defects in solid molecular hydrogen. Here we theoretically study the last system, giving a critical evaluation of scenarios of Bose-Einstein condensation of atomic hydrogen defects. We make testable predictions for these scenarios.


Electron Spin Resonance Microscopic Mechanism Solid Hydrogen Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Line Spectral Hole 
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We would like to acknowledge discussions with David Lee, Järno Jarvinen, Sergei Vasiliev, and Cyrus Umrigar. This work was supported by NSF Grant PHY-0758104.


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