Application Development Libraries

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In this chapter we present several useful libraries and API which we could not categorize with any of the other libraries we presented in this part of the book. We first present the RPC (remote procedure call) library for remote invocation of predefined functions.We present a real-life example motivated from physical chemistry to use RPC for optimizing runtime using remote servers. In any discussion of cluster computing, data endianess issues always crop up, and a part of the RPC library is XDR (extensible data representation). We continue to present APIs for checksum, and hash signature computation to check and prevent transmission errors. An alternative to XDR is to use XML files, and library APIs for XML processing is presented in this chapter. For persistent storage we show examples of using Berkeley DB, and present examples using C++. A network based caching library (Memcache) is presented with examples in C++ and Python. To seamlessly use Python and other interactive languages, SWIG (the Simplified Wrapper Interface Generator) is presented.


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