Information Visualization

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In this chapter we describe the many GUI libraries on GNU/Linux systems. These include, GTK, Qt, as well as wxWidget and Fox Toolkit. We present OpenGL through many examples, which also present GLUT, GLUI and show example of using OpenGL from within Python. Graphics rendering engines (OGRE) and OpenGL helper libraries are also discussed. In addition to 3d graphics, graphics layout are also available using the Graphviz dot tool. Plotting software Gnuplot, and vector drawing tools Xfig and Inkscape are also discussed. Raytracing with PovRay is shown with the help of examples in Section 19.9. Programmatic creation of graphics is shown with the help of gd library, and the Asymptote library. Graphics visualization with GeomView, HippoDraw is described in Section 19.15. Multi-dimensional data visualization with GGobi is discussed. High-performance scientific data visualization with ParaView and OpenDX are discussed.


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