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In this chapter we present engineering libraries such as Computer Vision, CImg and FWTools. Geospatial data abstractions are becoming very important with the rise of location aware computing, and several open-source tools such as GDAL and PROJ4 are described in this chapter. Image processing, audio processing, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) have been part of many engineering applications. More recently, molecular dynamics and simulation programs have also become heavy contenders for the compute time on grids. Molecular dynamics programs (GROMACS, NAMD) as well molecule viewers (JMol) are described in this chapter. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) including GRASS and QGIS are described in Section 14.9.1. Mechanical engineering, as well as use of mechanical CAD software in other disciplines can be accomplished using open-source tools such as QCAD. Solid modeling tools BRL-CAD are described in Section 14.11 as well as Blender 14.12.


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