Climate Control: The Long-Term Challenge

  • Werner Rothengatter
  • Yoshitsugu Hayashi
  • Wolfgang Schade
Part of the Transportation Research, Economics and Policy book series (TRES)


The IPCC Assessment Reports represent the present state of knowledge of a wide majority of experts, which share the insight that a part of the observed global warming of the atmosphere since 1750 is man-made and can be influenced by human actions. The “hockey stick” paradigm gives a most impressive picture for the change of temperature on earth beginning with the industrial revolution. The Fourth Assessment Report (IPCC AR 2007) exhibits scenarios for the development of (economic) activities and the associated expected increase of global warming. These scenarios give a wide range of possible long-term developments and impacts as summarized in Table 1.1.


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  • Werner Rothengatter
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  • Yoshitsugu Hayashi
  • Wolfgang Schade
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