Composite Sampling and Indoor Air Pollution

  • Ganapati P. PatilEmail author
  • Sharad D. Gore
  • Charles Taillie*
Part of the Environmental and Ecological Statistics book series (ENES, volume 4)


Asthma is one of the most common respiratory diseases. The occurrence of asthma is associated with atopy. Many studies have reported an association between sensitization to dust mite allergens and asthma. Dermatophagoides mites and cats produce a variety of allergens. Measurement of a specific allergen can be used to assess allergen exposure.


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  1. Lintner, T. J., Maki, C. L., Brame, K. A., and Boswell, M. T. (1992). Sampling dust from human dwellings to estimate the prevalence of indoor allergens. 92–0805.Google Scholar

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  • Ganapati P. Patil
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  • Sharad D. Gore
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  • Charles Taillie*
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