The voyage home

  • David M. Harland
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With 2 hours 50 minutes remaining to the scheduled time of liftoff, Pete Conrad and Al Bean started the preparatory checklist. In Mission Control, Pete Frank took over as Flight Director and Gerry Carr as Capcom for the ascent and rendezvous. As Conrad reported in the post-mission debriefing, “Al and I went through this by ourselves, absolutely per checklist. But I called the ground a couple of times to find out if they were still around.” The procedure began with powering up the prime and backup guidance systems, and aligning the inertial platform by performing a P57 in the same manner as during the rehearsal shortly after touchdown, using the lunar gravity vector and a sighting on one star, in this case Procyon. When Yankee Clipper appeared on revolution 29, Carr made contact and Gordon said, “Well, hello there, stranger. How are you?”


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