Erratum to: Tensor Properties of Crystals

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On page 72, Table 3.5 has the forms of 3rd rank tensors for all the crystallographic point groups. Five of these have factors of 2 in some of the components. These factors of 2 can be found in other published tables of 3rd rank tensors but they are only valid for a different type of notation that is not used in the book. To be consistent with the tensor notation used throughout this book, no factors of 2 should appear in these tensors. The Erratum provides a corrected Table 3.5 with the factors of 2 eliminated from all the tensor elements.

In addition, on page 73 an example is given in the second paragraph using one of the tensors from Table 3.5 that contains erroneous factors of 2 in some of its components. The Erratum provides a corrected paragraph without the factors of 2.
Table III.5

Form of third rank tensors for the crystallographic point groups.

Ci, C2h, D2h,

C4h, D4h, S6,

D3d, C6h, D6h,


\( \left[\begin{array}{c}\hfill \begin{array}{c}\hfill {d}_{111}\hfill \\ {}\hfill...

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