Remote Sensing of Car Tire Pressure

  • Thomas Herndl


State-of-the-art tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are wirelesssensor nodes mounted on the rim. Attaching the node on the inner liner of a tireallows sensing of important additional technical parameters, which may be used forimproved tracking and engine control, feedback to the power train and car-to-carcommunication purposes. Thus a significant step in car control appears feasible.Those new features come at a price: the maximum weight of the sensor is limited to5 g including package, power supply, and antenna. Robustness is required againstextreme levels of acceleration of up to 3,000 g (g = 9.81m/s2). The node size islimited to about 1 cm3 to avoid high force gradients due to device deformation andfinally, a 10-year power supply lifetime must be achieved. In this chapter we presenta self-sufficient tire-mounted wireless sensor node.
  • • with a bulk acoustic wave (BAW)-based low-power FSK transceiver;

  • • pioneered for an energy scavenger-based low-volume and low-weight powersupply; and

  • • a 3D vertical chip stack for best compactness, lowest volume, and highest robustnessfor pressure, inertia, and temperature sensing.


TPMS Tire pressure monitoring system Energy harvesting Energyscavenging Wireless sensor network 3D system integration Sensor system 


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