Co-design of IEEE 802.11 Based Control Systems



This chapter is concerned with wireless control using IEEE 802.11 or WiFi technology. A cart-mounted inverted pendulum was used to compare wireless control, using a packet-based DMC predictive controller against the conventional hard-wired performance. Importantly, the random delay from the 802.11 channel is modelled by an Inverse Gaussian probability distribution derived experimentally from practical measurements in a wireless reverberation chamber. The same application is also employed to expose the advantages of variable sampling for wireless control, specifically using state differential sampling. In both cases, the round trip delay constitutes a QoS measure to support the overall co-design approach to control, enabling the controller to respond to changing channel conditions to maintain the designed performance. While the chapter has a strong application focus, the results are presented in the general context of an up-to-date review of the relevant research in wireless network control. This includes alternative approaches to theoretical closed-loop stability and proposals for packet-based predictive control and sample rate adaptation.


Feedback control systems Dynamic matrix control Packet-based control Co-design IEEE 802.11 Qos-based sampling Event-based sampling State-differential sampling Inverted pendulum Delay distribution 



Jian Chen wishes to acknowledge the financial support of the Virtual Engineering Centre, Queen’s University of Belfast, for his doctoral research studies. Likewise, Adrian McKernan thanks the Northern Ireland Department for Education and Learning. All the authors have benefitted from technical input from Prof. William Scanlon on wireless aspects.


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