On the Age–Metallicity–Velocity Relation in the Nearby Disk Using the RAVE Survey

  • Borja Anguiano
  • Kenneth C. Freeman
  • Matthias Steinmetz
  • Elizabeth Wylie de Boer
Conference paper


The age–metallicity–velocity relation (AMVR) in the nearby disk is a fundamental issue in our understanding of the evolution of the Milky Way. However, there are still major differences between various versions of this relation (e.g., Twarog 1980, ApJ, 242, 242,Meusinger et al. 1991, A&A, 245, 57, Edvardsson et al. 1993, A&A, 275, 101, Rocha-Pinto et al. 2000, A &A, 358, 850,Quillen & Garnett 2001, Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies, ASP, San Francisco, CA, vol. 230, p. 87, Feltzing et al. 2001, A&A, 377,911, and Holmberg et al. 2007, A&A, 475, 519). Also, we have found considerable differences between different methods forage-dating stellar populations and have shown how different methods introduce bias in the AMVR. We are therefore working in a new derivation of these possible relations in the nearby disk, using a carefully selected sample of subgiants stars from RAVE and Geneva–Copenhagen surveys. RAVE provides accurate kinematics and a first estimate of metallicity, temperature, and gravity. Follow-up observations allow us to obtain accurate fundamental parameters via spectrophotometry and highresolution spectroscopy in order to derive reliable ages and generate an AMVR for stars of the Galactic disk.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Borja Anguiano
    • 1
  • Kenneth C. Freeman
  • Matthias Steinmetz
  • Elizabeth Wylie de Boer
  1. 1.Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (AIP)PotsdamGermany

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