• Engelbert Buxbaum
  • alternating current

  • autocorrelation function, statistical method to determine diffusion coefficients by light scattering or fluorescence

  • analog/digital converter, electronic circuit that allows data from analog sensors to be handled by a digital computer

  • adenosine diphosphate

  • alcohol/formalin/acetic acid, a fixative

  • atomic force microscopy, technique that reconstructs the shape of an object by scanning it with a fine tip, allowing molecular resolution

  • N-(4-azidobenzoylglycyl)-S-(2-thiopyridyl)-cysteine, photoactivatable and cleavable cross-linker

  • acquired immune deficiency syndrome, human disease caused by infection with HIV

  • AKR mouse directly transforming retrovirus associated oncogene, also known as protein kinase B

  • as low as reasonably achievable, principle used in radiation protection

  • alternating laser excitation, method in multi-colour fluorescence spectroscopy

  • aminonaphtalene sulphonic acid,Webers reagent, dye that fluorescs only in a hydrophobic environment

  • ammonium...


Amine Oxide Methyl Sulphonyl Surface Enhance Laser Desorption Ionisation Circular Polarise Light European Molecular Biology Organisation 
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