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Let X be a given set. A topology on X is a set \(\mathfrak{U}\) of subsets of X satisfying the following properties: A1 \(\varnothing, X \in \mathfrak{U}\); A2 if {U α | α ∈ J} is a set of elements of \(\mathfrak{U}\), then
$${\bigcup \nolimits }_{\alpha \in J}{U}_{\alpha } \in \mathfrak{U};$$
A3 if \(\{{U}_{\alpha }\vert \alpha = 1,\ldots, n\}\) is a finite set of elements of \(\mathfrak{U}\), then
$${\bigcap \nolimits }_{\alpha =1}^{n}{U}_{ \alpha } \in \mathfrak{U}.$$


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