Application to Semiconductors

  • James M. LeBeau
  • Dmitri O. Klenov
  • Susanne Stemmer


In this chapter, we discuss the application of scanning transmission electron microscopy in the field of semiconductor research, using specific examples from the literature.


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Melody Agustin provided the image shown in Figure 12–1 of this chapter. We would like to also thank the following collaborators for providing samples: Joshua Zide, Jeramy Zimmerman, Art Gossard, Andrei Kolmakov, Martin Moscovitz, Hao Li, Darrell Schlom, Paul McIntyre, Dominique Bougeard, Jacob Hooker, Qi Hu, and Chris Palmstrøm. We thank the U.S. National Science Foundation (Grant No. DMR-0804631) and the Department of Energy for support (Grant No. DE-FG02-06ER45994). J.M.L. also thanks the U.S. Department of Education for support under the GAANN program (Grant No. P200A07044).


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    • 1
  • Dmitri O. Klenov
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  • Susanne Stemmer
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  2. 2.FEI CompanyEindhovenThe Netherlands

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