Multiple regression, the linear predictor

  • Per Kragh Andersen
  • Lene Theil Skovgaard
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In the previous two chapters we studied regression models where the linear predictor depended on a single explanatory variable, x. In Chapter 3, x was categorical and for a binary variable (Section 3.1) with values g0,g1 we added

$$ {\rm{bI}}({\rm{xi}} = {\rm{g1}}) $$

to the intercept a, whereas in general, for a variable with k + 1 levels (Section 3.2) we added instead the expression

$$ {\rm{b1I}}({\rm{xi}} = {\rm{ g1}}) + {\rm{ b2I}}({\rm{xi}} = {\rm{ g2}}) + {\rm{ }}\cdot\cdot\cdot{\rm{ }} + {\rm{ bkI}}({\rm{xi}} = {\rm{ gk}}), $$

with dummy variables for all categories except the reference category (xi = 0).


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