South Africa: A Laboratory Perspective on Quality Control

  • Marie-Lena Windt de BeerEmail author
  • Gregory Michael Tinney


Although ART laboratories in South Africa (including the Aevitas/Tygerberg Fertility Centre) do not follow a specific national quality management system model, guidelines from SASREG are available and give adequate information to put into place a system that works well in our laboratory. It is therefore possible to apply a laboratory-specific quality management system regarding personnel, specialised training and experience, quality assurance, laboratory facilities, equipment and maintenance, embryo and gamete cryopreservation, safety, record keeping, informed consent and ethical guidelines. We tried to show in a practical way how we implement what we believe to be important in quality management. We are fortunate that we are situated inside an hospital complex and can use many of their facilities to assist us with some aspects of quality management. We are also affiliated with and have access to the University of Stellenbosch (Faculty of Medicine—Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology), giving us the ability to keep updating our knowledge regarding the latest in ART. The ultimate goal of a working quality management system is of course a good pregnancy and baby take-home rate, and with a consistent ongoing pregnancy rate of >35 % over all female age groups and infertility diagnosis, we are confident that the system we follow is a working one.


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