Hepatic Artery Diseases

  • Ton Lisman
  • Robert J. Porte
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Blood supply to the liver is accomplished via a dual vascular system consisting of the hepatic artery and portal vein. With respect to blood flow, the liver is a unique organ in that the majority of the blood entering the liver is venous blood, which enters the liver from the portal vein. The portal vein is responsible for 65–75% of the blood flow to the liver, whereas the remainder of the blood enters the liver through the hepatic artery. The liver’s oxygen demand is met by the arterial blood for approximately 50%, while the other half is derived from the portal blood [1]. The arterial inflow of blood is tightly related to the venous inflow, so that the total blood flow through the liver remains constant. This regulatory mechanism is mediated by the hepatic artery, as the portal vein is unable to regulate blood flow. Arterial flow is regulated by site-specific release of adenosine, a powerful vasodilator. When portal flow is high, adenosine is rapidly washed away, resulting in arterial vasoconstriction. Vice versa, when portal flow is low, adenosine-mediated arterial vasodilation enables the arterial flow to increase [2].


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