Generating Functions

  • Matthias Beck
  • Ross Geoghegan
Part of the Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics book series (UTM, volume 0)


Assume \((a_n )_{n = 0}^\infty\) is a sequence of real numbers that is not explicitly defined by a formula, for example, a recursive sequence. One can sometimes get useful information about this sequence—identities, formulas, etc.— by embedding it in a generating function: \(A(x): = \sum\limits_{n - 0}^\infty {a_n x^n}.\) We use the convention that the members of the sequence are named by a lowercase letter and the corresponding generating function is named by its uppercase equivalent. We think of this series A(x) as a formal power series, in the sense that questions of convergence are ignored. So operations on formal power series have to be defined from scratch.


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