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  • Afzal ChaudhryEmail author
  • Hans Kleinpoppen
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The measurement results and discussions for the polarization of the fluorescent radiation emitted by the excited polarized atoms of sodium and potassium, the absolute cross section and polarization for the Ca II 4 2P1/2 state of calcium atoms, the coherence and polarization parameters for the 5 1P state in strontium atoms and the excitation of the 3 1P and 3 3P states of helium by electron impact are described. Also the measurements of partial double differential cross sections (PDDCS) and double differential cross sections (DDCS) for the ionization of helium, argon, krypton and xenon atoms and hydrogen, sulphur dioxide and sulphur hexafluoride molecules by electron impact are discussed.


Cross sections Excitation Ionization Measurements Polarization 

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