Creatures of the Celestial Sea

  • Phil Simpson
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Although the constellations in this portion of the sky are now explained by separate myths or stories, they probably were at one time closely related in the mythology of the time of their origination. All these constellations, plus Cetus, which has been included in the Chap. 3 (The Andromeda Group), represent creatures living in or associated with water. One of them, Capricornus, is the oldest known constellation and has existed almost unchanged since very early times. Some, or all, of the others may have originated about the same time as Capricornus but have evolved more and their origins cannot be traced back as far. In any case, the time at which these constellations evolved appears to be one when the summer rains came while the sun was passing through this “watery” portion of the sky.


Spectral Type Spontaneous Fission Bright Star Flare Star Faint Star 
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