Historical Perspective

  • Philip M. Hanno


Knowledge of the history of bladder pain syndrome (BPS) is essential to an understanding of the current concepts of the disorder and the fundamental changes in approach to treatment that have occurred as a direct result of the paradigm change in the last 25 years. What had been considered a rare disorder that was exclusively related to bladder pathology with specific endoscopic and common pathologic findings morphed into a much more prevalent chronic pain syndrome diagnosed almost exclusively by symptomatic criteria. Changes in nomenclature from interstitial cystitis to BPS have paralleled the changes in disease perception.

Recent international consultations have essentially agreed that the nomenclature of “interstitial cystitis” should be revised. The change to “BPS” implies that it is the symptoms that drive treatment. Whether there is a subgroup of patients that is distinct enough to warrant the moniker of “interstitial cystitis” is as yet unclear. From “tic doloureux of the bladder” in 1836 to “BPS” in 2011 lies a winding path and a mysterious syndrome that still challenges patients, researchers, and clinicians.


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