Evaluation of Protein Structure Prediction Methods: Issues and Strategies

  • Anna Tramontano
  • Domenico Cozzetto


The Internet is swarmed with tools for predicting protein structure from sequence, and it also provides access to databases of protein three-dimensional models. This wealth of methods and repositories can be very useful to design experiments and interpret their results, as testified by several examples in the literature. On the other side, however, life scientists need to select the most appropriate resource for their problem of interest. The structural bioinformatics community has devised worldwide initiatives – which are described in this chapter – to objectively monitor the state of the art in the field. The challenges in assessing the accuracy of structural models, in comparing different approaches, and in detecting and measuring the extent of progress over time will be discussed here together with some of the solutions adopted by the community. Finally, we will briefly describe a few examples of protein structure analysis and prediction that have been instrumental in shedding light on relevant biomedical problems.


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The authors gratefully acknowledge support from the Italian Ministry of Labour, Health, and Social Policies, contract no.onc_ord 25/07. This work was partially supported by KAUST (award no. KUK-I1-012-43) and MIUR (FIRB Rete Italiana di Proteomica and Italbionet).


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