Radioisotope Micropower Generation: 3D Silicon Electronvoltaics

  • Rajesh Duggirala
  • Amit Lal
  • Shankar Radhakrishnan
Part of the MEMS Reference Shelf book series (MEMSRS, volume 6)


In this chapter, the application of high power density (1–2 W/cc) and high energy density (100–200MJ/cc) 147Pm fuel in 1–20mW/cc, 5 year lifetime microbatteries is explored. The resulting >220 W-h/cc microbatteries could potentially replace the currently employed 1–10 W-h/cc electrochemical batteries [18] and enable longer lifetime autonomous microsystems


Minority Carrier Depletion Region Minority Carrier Lifetime Float Zone Output Power Density 
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