Radioisotope Thin Films for Microsystems

  • Rajesh DuggiralaEmail author
  • Amit Lal
  • Shankar Radhakrishnan
Part of the MEMS Reference Shelf book series (MEMSRS, volume 6)


Radioisotopes can be employed in microsystems in a variety of ways to exploit the many unique properties of radioactivity:1. The kinetic energy of the emitted radiation can be converted into electrical energy for micropower generation 2. The energetic charged particles emitted can be directly collected and charge-separation based electrostatic actuation of cantilevers can be enabled for autonomous sensors 3. The near constant probability of decay of nuclei could be utilized for realizing frequency standards.


Direct Charge Output Power Density Energetic Charged Particle Electromechanical Energy Average Ionization Energy 
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