Suggested Projects by Survey and Source

  • Brian Cudnik
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In the last chapter was an overview of the variety of projects that are out there that one can use to get started, and keep going, as far as observing faint objects is concerned. In this chapter, we provide a group of projects containing 721 individual objects (including four groups of galaxies, eleven pairs of galaxies, and ten clusters of galaxies). These lists are provided in the form of 16 tables, each grouping containing information on various deep sky objects according to object type and where they are found (in the Milky Way, in the Andromeda Galaxy, in other galaxies, etc.). Each table represents a separate observing project, although some tables (such as Tables 10.1, 10.6, 10.14, and 10.15) are quite long, with many entries to keep one busy for a while. There are certainly enough objects listed here, collected from a variety of sources (and with references to more lists related to these and presented in Appendix E of this book), to keep the serious visual amateur hunting for faint objects for years to come.

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