Leaf Area Index and Fraction of Absorbed PAR Products from Terra and Aqua MODIS Sensors: Analysis, Validation, and Refinement

  • Ranga Myneni
  • Yuri Knyazikhin
  • Nicolay Shabanov
Part of the Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing book series (RDIP, volume 11)


The MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) onboard NASA’s Terra and Aqua platforms is designed to monitor the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land surface (Justice et al. 2002). The MODIS Land team (MODLAND) is responsible for the development of algorithms for operationally producing 16 geophysical land data products. In this chapter, we discuss the development of vegetation green leaf area index (LAI) and the fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (400–700 nm) absorbed by vegetation (FPAR) products. LAI is defined as the one-sided green leaf area per unit ground area in broadleaf canopies, and as half the total needle surface area per unit ground area in coniferous canopies. These products are essential for studies of the exchange of fluxes of energy, mass (e.g., water and CO2), and momentum between the surface and atmosphere (Bonan et al. 2003; Dickinson et al. 1986; Potter et al. 1993; Tian et al. 2003).


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