Aqua and Terra MODIS Albedo and Reflectance Anisotropy Products

  • Crystal Barker Schaaf
  • Jichung Liu
  • Feng Gao
  • Alan H. Strahler
Part of the Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing book series (RDIP, volume 11)


MODIS albedo and reflectance anisotropy products of the global land surface are routinely available since early 2000. These multiyear satellite-derived measures of surface reflectance anisotropy and albedo are increasingly being used by the modeling community to both evaluate and refine a number of climatologic al and biogeochemical models. By combining observations from both the Terra and Aqua platforms and easing both the spatial and temporal resolution in the Collection 5 data reprocessing effort, the quality, consistency, and cloud-free ­coverage of the global land products have increased.


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