Topological Transformations

  • Chad R. Meiners
  • Alex X. Liu
  • Eric Torng


One approach for mitigating the effects of range expansion has been to reencode critical ranges. The basic idea is to reencode a given packet and use the reencoded packet as the TCAM search key. For instance, Liu [Liu(2002)], Lunteren and Engbern [van Lunteren and Engbersen(2003)], and Pao et al. [Pao et al(2006)Pao, Li, and Zhou] all proposed methods of representing specific ranges as special bit-strings using extra TCAM bits. Lakshminarayan et al.and Bremler-Barr and Hendler proposed to replace the prefix encoding format with alternative ternary encoding formats, called DIRPE [Lakshminarayanan et al(2005)Lakshminarayanan, Rangarajan, and Venkatachary] and SRGE [Bremler-Barr and Hendler(2007)], respectively.


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