Tree modeling

  • Long Quan


This chapter proposes a semi-automatic technique for modeling trees and plants directly from images. Our image-based approach has the distinct advantage that the resulting model inherits the realistic shape and complexity of a real tree or plant. This is possible because the leaves of a tree or a plant all have the same generic shape, and the branches have a natural generative model of self-similarity like a fractal. We designed our modeling system to be interactive, automating the process of shape recovery while relying on the user to provide simple hints on segmentation. Segmentation is performed in both image and 3D spaces, allowing the user to easily visualize its effect immediately. Using the segmented image and 3D data, the geometry of each leaf is then automatically recovered from the multiple views by fitting a deformable leaf model. Our system also allows the user to easily reconstruct branches in a similar manner. We show realistic reconstructions of a variety of trees and plants.


Source Image Primary Branch Texture Synthesis Branch Structure Occlude Branch 
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