Disorders of the Pancreas

  • Marshall Z. Schwartz
  • Michael S. Katz


The pancreas is a complex retroperitoneal organ that has both major digestive and endocrine functions. In fact, the totality of the role of the pancreas has not been fully defined. Disorders of the pancreas can result from a congenital anatomic abnormality or dysfunction of either the digestive or endocrine components. The endocrine function of the pancreas is centered in the cells of the islets of Langerhans. Although the islet cells make up only approximately 2% of the pancreatic mass, they play a much larger physiologic role. There are four major types of cells within the islets, each secreting one or more specific peptides. Disorders related to each cell type or peptide can occur. The most common of these disorders is related to the Beta cells, which regulate insulin secretion. This significant topic will be covered separately. We will cover the anatomic, non-insulin endocrine, and inflammatory disorders of the pancreas.


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