Mediastinal Masses

  • Richard D. Glick


Mediastinal masses are varied and present at all ages, from newborn to adolescence. There is a wide spectrum of pathology that may include congenital, inflammatory, infectious, and neoplastic processes. Because of the limited space and confined geometry of the region, masses can interfere with both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, sometimes with grave results. Urgent consultations from oncologists and pediatric intensivists are common, and most of these patients will require some form of surgical intervention, such as biopsy, resection, or venous access. Applicable techniques range from minimally invasive procedures to large thoracotomy or sternotomy. Expertise with these procedures as well as a detailed knowledge of the anatomy and wide range of pathology of the region are essential. An in-depth understanding of the decision-making regarding pre-anesthetic work-up and management can help prevent potentially disastrous complications.


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