Delivering On-chip Bandwidth Off-chip and Out-of-box with Proximity and Optical Communication

  • Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy
  • Jon Lexau
  • Xuezhe Zheng
  • John E. Cunningham
Part of the Integrated Circuits and Systems book series (ICIR, volume 0)


While copper-based electrical Serdes links have, to date, dominated the domain of ultra-short reach interconnects, future high-performance computers may require the integration of diverse interconnect technologies. In previous chapters, various forms of proximity communication that can provide low-energy chip-to-chip links between adjacent chips have been described. The strengths of proximity communication lie in low-energy short-distance links; the strengths of optical communication lie in efficiently reaching longer distances. Here we look to combine these technologies in a new hybrid I/O platform that can deliver balanced bandwidth on-chip, off the chip and even out of the box. In this chapter we will introduce the concepts of an optical-to-proximity interface chip, and review results from an experimental 90 nm test chip that integrates three types of high-speed chip-to-chip interconnects: capacitive interconnects for proximity communication; optical interconnects employing vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) and photodiodes; and electrical interconnects using current-mode logic (CML). We will discuss the operation and compatibility of each interconnect modality, and review interface requirements, chip layout considerations and test results.


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