Decomposition-Based Queueing Network Analysis with FiFiQueues

Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 154)


In this chapter we present an overview of decomposition-based analysis techniques for large open queueing networks.We present a general decompositionbased solution framework, without referring to any particular model class, and propose a general fixed-point iterative solution method for it.We concretize this framework by describing the well-known QNA method, as proposed byWhitt in the early 1980s, in that context, before describing our FiFiQueues approach. FiFiQueues alarrival and service time distributions are of phase-type; individual queues, all with single servers, can have bounded or unbounded buffers. Next to an extensive evaluation with generally very favorable results for FiFiQueues, we also present a theorem on the existence of a fixed-point solution for FiFiQueues.


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