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  • Evangelos Kalaitzakis
  • Robert Sutton
  • George Webster


Case reports over the last 30 years from Britain have been related to autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) and/or (IgG4-SC), but the first series of patients was published in 2007, adding to the body of evidence that it is a global disease. Following the introduction of generally accepted terminology and the recognition that they both constitute manifestations of a multiorgan disorder, AIP and IgG4-SC have been increasingly diagnosed in the UK. As in other parts of the world, AIP is usually diagnosed in middle-aged males, who present with obstructive jaundice. With the clinical presentation of AIP/IgG4-SC often mimicking pancreaticobiliary malignancy and the recent centralization of pancreatic cancer services in the UK, it is likely that the diagnosis and management of AIP/IgG4-SC will be enhanced within specialized hepatopancreaticobiliary centers. Although IgG4-SC can occur in patients without AIP, 71 % of patients with AIP in the UK are also diagnosed with extrapancreatic biliary involvement. Despite the lack of prospective randomized placebo-controlled data related to steroid use in AIP/IgG4-SC, oral prednisolone is commonly used to induce remission but also to treat relapse. Azathioprine appears to have a role in maintaining remission in patients who relapse after a course of steroids.


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Autoimmune pancreatitis


IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis


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