Surgical Implications

  • Clancy J. Clark
  • Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo
  • Michael B. Farnell


For the surgeon, AIP is a rare diagnosis typically found after pancreatic resection for suspected pancreatic cancer. Given the dismal outcomes with pancreatic cancer and the dramatic effects of corticosteroids in the treatment of AIP, the desire to recognize a patient with AIP prior to surgery is high. In this chapter, we discuss the surgeon’s role as a pragmatist in the diagnosis and management of AIP. Even in high-volume centers, diagnosis of AIP is a rare event. In the few studies of patients treated with pancreatic resection, the diagnosis of AIP did not increase the morbidity or mortality of pancreatic resection. However, surgeons should anticipate a technically challenging operation due to significant peripancreatic inflammation at the time of resection. The risk of recurrent AIP after pancreatectomy is not well understood. Most importantly, the care for patients with AIP requires careful individualized care by a team of surgeons, radiologists, and gastroenterologists with an interest in this disease.


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