Fiftieth Anniversary

  • Patrick Moore


There was a good deal of discussion about our actual Fiftieth programme, and eventually it was decided to look back and forward in a novel way. First we would return to 1957 and give as accurate a reconstruction as we could; John Culshaw, well-known for his TV impersonations, would play me as I used to be then, and using a Time Machine the PM of 1957 could talk to the PM of 2007. Next, look forward at the next fifty years; a suitably age-increased Dr Chris Lintott would give reports from Lunar Base, and from Port Lowell on the surface of Mars. There would follow a broadcast from the Sky at Night studio in 2057, with Professors Chris Lintott, John Zarnecki and Brian May… Initially I was afraid that the programme would end up something like out of Monty Python, but at the end most viewers felt that the recipe worked, even though I have to add that there were a few dissenters.


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