Ocean Outpost

  • Erik Seedhouse


Humans have learned to adapt to life on almost all parts of the Earth’s surface and have pushed the limits of technology to allow the exploration of space. In contrast, the oceans covering over 70% of the planet’s surface are relatively unexplored, except for some comparatively shallow excursions made by saturation divers and manned submersibles. However, the prospect of living under the sea has always held a fascination for man and over the last 40 years, a number of underwater habitats have been developed. While none of these has supported a permanent human presence, thanks to developments in sub-sea technology and the efforts of visionaries such as Dennis Chamberland, what was once the subject of science fiction novels may very soon be achieved. While the most lucrative market for permanent underwater habitats will undoubtedly be divers, the dream of living in the ocean will also appeal to adventure-seekers and those wanting to earn their certification as “aquanaut”.


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