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While diving to depths between 200 and 500 m can be achieved by freediving, technical diving or saturation (SAT) diving, for deeper submersible operations, a different system is required. An atmospheric diving suit (ADS) is an articulated oneman, anthropomorphic, articulated submersible (Figure 3.1) that bears more than a passing resemblance to a suit of armor. Elaborate pressure joints permit articulation while maintaining an internal pressure of 1 atmosphere. Thanks to its design, the ADS can be used for very deep dives of up to 1,000 m or more for many hours, and eliminates most physiological dangers associated with technical and SAT diving such as decompression sickness, nitrogen narcosis, and breathing exotic mixed-gas mixtures. As we saw in Chapter 2, SAT dives change the way gases dissolve in the divers’ blood and high pressures below the surface force breathing gases into solution with the blood and body tissues, requiring SAT divers to surface slowly. As they ascend and the pressure around them drops, dissolved gas comes out of solution and if the ascent is slow enough, reformed gas bubbles leave through the lungs.


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