Luna cognita

  • Ben Evans
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On the hot midsummer’s evening of 20 July 1969, more than three and a half billion people occupied the blues, browns, greens and snow-covered whites of Planet Earth. Some lived at the bottom of oceans, others on remote islands, a few atop mountain peaks, some deep within valleys, ravines or canyons and millions in the endless hustle and bustle of cities; though all shared something in common, for all were the descendents of thousands of generations of human beings for whom Earth was - and continues to be - the only home they had ever known. Everything that makes us human is embodied in what the Apollo explorers could only compare to a beautiful, glittering marble in the unfathomable blackness and incomprehensible depth of space; a blob so incredibly fragile and delicate that it could be covered at will by an astronaut’s thumb. Friend and foe, family and stranger, warmth and bitterness, kindness and hatred, war and peace, religion and reason: all resided there as they had done, unchangingly, for thousands of years.


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