Biophysical Forces in Molecular Systems

  • Peter R. Bergethon


Position…Movement …linked through conservation of energy. If we conceive about the potential energy surface of a system as the set of forces that are responsible for form in a biological system, it is the movement or momentum over the surface, the kinetic energy that is function. Movement is kinetic energy; and motion is tied to spatial dimension as a function of time. The arrow of time is related to entropy and is the natural direction of all systems: time and energy, position and momentum. These fundamental properties of natural systems are the building blocks of biological form and function. We will see that these properties of systems are complementary and that they have very important philosophical and epistemological consequences in our understanding of biological systems. We cannot understand the biological system if we cannot appreciate its motion in state space. The central knowledge of biophysical chemistry is knowing which force induces motion over time and how such interactions work.


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