A Statistical Model for the Quark Structure of the Nucleon

  • V. Devanathan
  • S. Karthiyayini


The deep inelastic scattering experiments reveal that the nucleon is a composite object consisting of quarks and gluons. Treating them as Fermi and Bose gases, statistical distribution functions are used to describe their momentum distributions in the rest frame. When transformed to the infinite momentum frame, they yield quark and gluon distribution functions. A thermodynamical bag model is proposed to obtain realistic distribution functions that yield correctly the nucleon structure functions. By including the spin degree of freedom in the Fermi statistical distribution functions, the quark spin distribution functions and the polarized nucleon structure functions are obtained.

Key words and phrases

Fermi and Bose statistical distribution functions Deep inelasic scattering Quarks and gluons Quark distribution functions Nucleon structure functions 



This article is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Alladi Ramakrishnan who has inspired us to take to research and teaching. He can be truly called the Father of Theoretical Physics in South India and he has been a source of inspiration to successive generations of students in this part of the country. Much of the work reported in this review has been done in collaboration with K. Ganesamurthy and J. S. McCarthy. The authors thank Professor Krishnaswami Alladi for inviting us to contribute to this memorial volume.


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© Springer New York 2010

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences, Department of Nuclear PhysicsUniversity of MadrasChennaiIndia
  2. 2.Physics DivisionBITS-PilaniDubaiUAE

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