Reconfigurable Networks-on-Chip

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There is little doubt that the most important limiting factors of the ­performance of next-generation chip multiprocessors (CMPs) will be the power efficiency and the available communication speed between cores. Photonic networks-on-chip (NoCs) have been suggested as a viable route to relieve the off- and on-chip interconnection bottleneck. Low-loss integrated optical waveguides can transport very high-speed data signals over longer distances as compared to on-chip electrical signaling. In addition, novel components such as silicon microrings, photonic switches and other reconfigurable elements can be integrated to route signals in a data-transparent way.

In this chapter, we look at the behavior of on-chip network traffic and show how the locality in space and time which it exhibits can be advantageously exploited by what we will define as “slowly reconfiguring” networks. We will review existing work on photonic reconfigurable NoCs, and provide implementation details and a performance and power characterization of our own reconfigurable photonic NoC proposal in which the topology is adapted automatically (on a microsecond scale) to the evolving traffic situation by use of silicon microrings.

Key words

Network-on-chip Optical interconnects Reconfigurable networks 



This work was supported by the European Commission’s 6th FP Network of Excellence on Micro-Optics (NEMO), the BELSPO IAP P6/10 photonics@be network sponsored by the Belgian Science Policy Office, the GOA, the FWO, the OZR, the Methusalem and Hercules foundations. The work of C. Debaes is supported by the FWO (Fund for Scientic Research—Flanders) under a research fellowship.


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