Oscillations and Transmitters Are Quasi-invariants in Brain-Body-Mind Integration

  • Erol Başar


The brain is the most complex system known to us in the universe, and previous chapters have presented empirical evidence related to the dynamics of the brain, i.e., a biological system that is continuously changing. Assuming that the brain is an organ that also controls our mind and body, the understanding of brain dynamics should help in the search for the communicative processes between the body and the brain. In addition to electrical oscillations, brain-body machineries are also controlled by the release of neurotransmitters (see Chaps. 3 and 13). Feedback loops and recurrent loops also provide continuous exchange among the brain, body, and neurotransmitters. Furthermore, the oscillatory activities in the brain and body are affected by these transmitters; the electrical processes also ­control the release of transmitters.


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