Quantum Brain and the Nebulous Cartesian System



By proposing the nebulous Cartesian system it is necessary to accumulate knowledge on electrophysiology, anatomy, learning processes, and all physiological settings and store them on several levels of a multiple coordinate system of the nebulous Cartesian system. During the work of the brain several parameters and entities related to brain functioning are usually operating in parallel, linked to all parameters of subsystems of brain-body-mind integration. When considering the brain as a probabilistic (nebulous) working and adaptive machine, one would expect to be able to approximately predict the next steps of this machine. It is possible to say that this is an attempt to describe the working principles and time course of these machines starting with the initial conditions. From this construct one must take into account all the histories; then there is the problem of determining the integral overall histories. This is the path-integral, and from this viewpoint it is necessary to recognize the need to use Feynman diagrams or Heisenberg’s S-matrix, both of which are interrelated. The possibility of using this method in brain research has been referred to in earlier publications (Başar 1983a; Başar and Güntekin 2007).


Coherent State Feynman Diagram Brain Response Brain State Light Stimulation 

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