APBI 3D Conformal External Beam: The NYU Technique

  • Daniela Gidea-Addeo
  • Silvia C. Formenti


In early breast cancer, the rationale of using postlumpectomy adjuvant radiation therapy is to eradicate microscopic residual disease present in the breast that could be a source of local recurrence. Based on results of multiple randomized trials, the standard radiotherapeutic regimen has consisted of a protracted course of daily treatments delivered to the entire breast Monday through Friday for 6–6 1/2 weeks. The long overall treatment time can be inconvenient to some patients, especially elderly women with difficulty in accessing radiation treatment facilities. To overcome the inconvenience and high cost of long radiation courses, attempts have been made to decrease the overall treatment time by administration of higher doses per fraction over a total shorter period. Accelerated partial breast irradiation is a potential alternative to conventional whole breast irradiation, delivering treatment over several days. Among the possible techniques available for accelerated partial breast irradiation is 3D conformal radiotherapy which delivers treatment BID over 5 days. This chapter provides an overview of our group’s approach to post-lumpectomy radiotherapy with 3D conformal radiotherapy.


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